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Because I Have to Post Something….

As predicted I am having a difficult time blogging.  It’s hard to get a motivated when I am doing something only for my benefit.  To be honest, most of what occupies my mind is probably unfit for public consumption.  Not because it is pornographic  (well, not all of it), but because most would think that I am either getting ready to find Jesus or jump off a cliff.  I am in no danger of doing either one.

Random thoughts for the week:

I am disgusted by strip malls and the construction of new strip malls.  However, part of what drives the business I am in is new construction.  I live is a suburb of Birmingham that pretty much only consists of strip malls and the largest mall in the state.  I’m surrounded by the shit every day.  I pay my bills with the money I make because this shit keeps getting built.  I was also excited that a new Target was built less than a mile from my house.  I am happy and disgusted at the same time.  I am a complicated woman.

Somewhat related to the above thought is that I am also disgusted by all of the stupid stuff that is out there to buy.  All of the strip malls are filled with stupid shit that no one needs.  For some reason home decor stuff really gets on my nerves.  Why the fuck would you want to spend money on crap made of poly resin?  I’m not immune to the call of cheap fake decor.  I went to Hobby Lobby this weekend and really wanted to buy a lot of stupid, cheap crap.  But it was pretty, stupid, cheap crap.  made of poly resin.

As much as I hate people wasting money and buying stupid shit, I bought a hundred dollar toothbrush this weekend.  It’s da bomb.

What I would really like to do on this blog is to examine, in full detail, the Federal Budget.  I want to go through it line by line and decide what we can and cannot live without.  This would require a level of concentration I’m afraid I am simply not capable of.  I have considered having a weekly meeting with a few friends to discuss the budget.  A Think Tank if you will.  with wine.  We have tried something similar before when my husband and his brother decided they wanted to make a movie.  We met on Wednesday nights and called it “Film Club.”  It didn’t take long for it to become “Everyone Drink One Bottle of Wine Each and See Who Can Talk the Loudest Club”.


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