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I really just can’t give up the name Southern Fried Fatty…

I think it’s pretty good name.

There are lots of things that keep me from blogging.  Laziness, lack of imagination, paranoia.  I don’t do much but what I do I like to do right.  This blog started a few years ago as a way to chronicle my weight loss efforts.  After a few months I realized that I really hate talking about losing weight.  For the past year or two I have been wanting to make Southern Fried Fatty more about politics or sports or something else besides being fat.  So this is  the beginning of the new SFF. I have basically deleted all of my previous weight loss posts.  I will probably regret that because I have written some pretty funny shit.

Don’t expect much at first because it will take a while for me to get in the groove of writing something substantial.  I spend 8-10 hours everyday thinking and worrying about things that I get paid to think and worry about.  When I get home I really don’t want to think or worry with anything challenging.  My job isn’t too complicated but it can be stressful and not the least bit interesting to anyone.  I guess most everyone’s job falls into that category though.

I call myself a Liberal but I’m pretty wishy-washy so who knows what I will feel like from one day to the next.  I’m paranoid about my spelling and punctuation so that keeps me from writing.  SO what I post here won’t be perfect but I hope it will be entertaining and sometimes thought-provoking.  My next post will be either about the Federal Budget or the best moisturizer to use on cracked heels.

Also, let me just say that I truly believe that there is not one original thought or idea left to be had in this world.  That keeps me from writing as well.  What are the chances that I would have something to say that everyone has not already heard a thousand times before?


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