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Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer and Beer

Well, I’ve been on Weight Watchers for three weeks now and I have lost a total of 8.5lbs.  Yea me!! Not too shabby considering during that time it was Thanksgiving and I also went to Mobile and ate too much seafood.  It has also been football season which means that I have been drinking a lot of beer (thank goodness for MGD 64 and my 35 weekly flex points).  Beer and football go together like Mom and apple pie in my book.  I’ve discovered that there is a direct correlation between the amount of beer I drink and how well Alabama is doing.  The Auburn game was quite stressful, therefore I drank more beer.  The Florida game ended up being not quite as stressful, therefore I did not drink as much.  I was fully expecting the Florida game to be a lot more stressful so I decided to allot myself a certain number of beers per quarter.  Three beers per quarter to be exact.  Around the end of the second half I began to panic because it occurred to me that I didn’t account for a possible overtime situation.  Since I only bought a twelve pack that was going to be a problem.  Thankfully the Crimson Tide had my back and kicked the crap out of Florida and never looked back.  ROLLLLL TIDE ROLLLL!!!  Look out Texas!

So since I am doing WW online, I record all of my points on my online account.  After reviewing the entries of the past few weeks it has occurred to me that I have recorded a large amount of beer (see previous paragraph).  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the invisible online WW Master sends me a message and asks if I have considered AA.  But I have come up with a diabolical plan….Instead of recording my beer points as “beer”, I will from now on label it as “Kashi Pilaf”.  Don’t worry about me WW Master… I’m not drinking too much beer, I’m getting a bunch of wholesome Kashi fiber.



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